DaVinci White Smiles Teeth Whitening Salon  "Creating beautiful smiles in just minutes" teeth whitening in Beavercreek organic teeth whitening cbd oil in Beavercreek Davinci White Smiles Organic Teeth Whitening salon in Dayton

THE Davinci White Smiles Organic Teeth Whitening salon in Dayton NATURAL ORGANIC CHOICE !! PLANT AND MINERAL BASED PRODUCT


We are proud to offer a green and very affordable option for those who wish to have a whiter, brighter smile. Great for even sensitive teeth.

DaVinci White Smiles offers Organic Teeth Whitening that:
- Is Fast and Effective
- Offers Immediate Results
- Is Enamel Safe and Painless
- Is a Natural, Plant and Mineral Based Product Made Proudly in the USA
- Offers Guaranteed Results.
- Can Whiten Your Smile Up To 14 Shades.
- Will remove stains from crowns, fillings, veneers, etc.
- We have at home products to maintain your new white smile.

If you have longed for a more beautiful smile, DaVinci White Smiles is your solution. It is the safest and most convenient way to brighten your teeth and improve your smile, in just minutes.

Look and feel your best at $109.00 per session. 3 sessions max per visit.
One session will gently but effectively whiten your teeth several shades brighter.

    CBD OIL info at   http://davinciwhitesmiles.myctfocbd.com/                        

                                                                                 713 Watervliet Ave
                                                                                Dayton Ohio 45420

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